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Sexy Shoulders: Accessorizing Your Boudoir Photography


Model wearing gold studs fashion bra straps
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If you ask a boudoir photographer to list their top three focal points, it's almost certain the captivating beauty of a woman's shoulder would be included among them. It's beautiful curves, graceful lines, and inherent femininity make the shoulder an irresistible focal point to capture.

Choosing the right accessories for boudoir photography

Choosing The Right Accessories


Selecting the right accessories for a boudoir shoot holds immense significance in creating a captivating and personalized visual narrative. Choosing the right accessories to accentuate your shoulder can evoke feelings of sensuality, confidence, and playfulness. By incorporating BRA-sériē designer bra straps, you can now express your unique style and personality!

BRA-sériē has a variety of styles to match your style and mood. Here are some examples of how our decorative bra straps elevate the image and the spotlight on a woman’s shoulder.

Achieving The 5 Boudoir Styles With BRA-sériē

Generally, there are five types of boudoir shots.

  1. Portrait Based

  2. Glamour

  3. Lingerie

  4. Body Positiviy

  5. Feminist

Achieving The 5 Boudoir Styles With BRA-sériē removable bra straps

Photo Credits: Alias Josie Photography, Couture Boudoir

BRA-sériē features a variety of styles from dainty to daring. If you’re planning a boudoir photoshoot, this a wonderful opportunity to incorporate these gorgeous designer bra straps! They’re also the perfect accessory that can be worn with different outfits from day to night.

Resources To Learn More And Select The Right Boudoir Photographer For You

Model wearing gold studs removable bra straps for boudoir photography

Want to learn more about boudoir photography and find the right photographer for you? Here are three resources to guide you in your vision:

If you are not too familiar with boudoir photography, this blog will help you understand what it is and what to expect in a photoshoot, and how to pose.

Ready to find a boudoir photographer in the US near you? You can search for a photographer using this directory.

With so many options for photographers, how do you select the one that will represent you best? This blog teaches you what to consider when researching boudoir photographers and reviewing portfolios.

Embrace The Experience!

When selecting a style or vision for your boudoir shoot, it's essential to prioritize having fun and embracing the experience. The most important thing is to let go of inhibitions, embrace your body, and enjoy the process of self-expression. Remember, a boudoir shoot is a celebration of your unique beauty that will shine through!

Our Special Offer!

Ready to accessorize your boudoir photography? Use this code: “Boudoir” to receive an exclusive 20% off your first order.

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