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Gold studded bra straps with black faux-suede, laying flat.

Gold Studs 2.0 Bra Straps (® Patent)


Our Gold Studs 2.0 bra straps from our Signature Studded Collection is our boldest style. When you strap on a pair of these fancy bra straps, you can't help but feel a sassy, classy and a little bad-assy. You will LOVE the luxurious faux-suede feel and look of these studded bra straps along with beautiful shimmery beading. Our BRA-serie 2.0 style is available in both gold and silver. Our flawless studs are imported from Italy. 


**Good News! We've re-designed our signature studded collection with wider straps (1/2" wide) and hooks.**





    • The Gold Studded 2.0 are interchangeable bra straps with 1/2" wide and hooks & adjustable straps. (can be extended to approx. 15"). Perfect for our bustier beauties! Easy to add and remove from bra strap loops.
    • Bra straps are well-constructed and comfortable on skin (85% Nylon, 15 % Spandex)
    • Trim Materials:
      Black Gold Beaded Bra Strap (100% Polyester w/ brass beading)
    • Trim Widths: Vary between 1/4"-5/8"
    • Each set comes with a beautiful ivory BRA-serie pouch
    • Assembled in Northern California
    • Studs imported from Italy

    Shipping & Handling - $3.50 Flat Fee up to $45.00

    Shipping & Handling - $6.50 Flat Fee up tp $70.00

    We are proud to offer FREE shipping on orders over $70.00.


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