You will LOVE the luxurious faux-suede feel and look of these straps along with beautiful detail of the elegant and shimmery beading. Our Signature Studded Collection is our boldest styles. When you strap on pair you can't help but feel a sassy, classy and a little bad-assy. Our BRA-serie 2.0 style is available in both gold and silver. Our flawless studs are imported from Italy.




Gold Studs 2.0 (® Patent)

    • The Gold Studded 2.0 are interchangeable bra straps with 1/2" width and hooks & adjustable straps. (can be extended to approx. 15"). Perfect for our bustier beauties! Easy to add and remove from bra strap loops.
    • Bra straps are well-constructed and comfortable on skin (85% Nylon, 15 % Spandex)
    • Trim Materials:
      Black Gold Beaded Bra Strap (100% Polyester w/ brass beading)
    • Trim Widths: Vary between 1/4"-5/8"
    • Each set comes with a beautiful ivory BRA-serie pouch
    • Assembled in Northern California
    • Studs imported from Italy

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