Expect The Unexpected

Expect the unexpected. These three words pretty much sum up the journey of entrepreneurship, and basically life itself -- and that’s before you throw a pandemic in the mix!

Anything can happen, and it probably will. It’s tempting to focus on the “bad stuff” that could accompany the unexpected, but it’s important to remember there are nuggets of beautiful things – the “good stuff” -- that also come unexpectedly along the way.

Tammi is flaunting her beautiful decorative bra straps!
Tammi is wearing the La Fleur Blanche BRA-serie.


During the height of the pandemic, one of those “good stuff” moments was an unexpected call from Solene Furlanis, a talented and beautiful artist living in Mexico City.

Before I go on, let me share a little background about how our paths crossed. I met Solene a few years back in Northern California at an event where I was a panel speaker. Just another wonderful reminder that the people we unexpectedly meet at any given moment could have a meaningful impact in our lives, in unexpected ways!

Covid-19 forced all of us to slow down, including Solene. She reignited her love for drawing as the world came to a screeching halt. While we were all hibernating in our homes, I was thrilled to hear from Solene. During our conversation, Solene shared that she was drawing again; she shared that drawing was a way for her to get through the isolation, and that “inner voice” told her to reconnect to see