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Meet Our Featured Artist: Solene Furlanis

BRA-sériē is thrilled to feature the beautiful artwork of Solene Furlanis, for our BRA-sériē travel bags. Tammi Relyea, Founder of BRA-sériē, reached out to Solene for a virtual coffee chat. To learn more about how our collaboration began, click here.

Our Virtual Coffee Chat With Solene Instagram: @solenefurlanisstudio

Woman wearing decorative bra straps with grey lace flowers, sitting.
Solene is wearing the Flower Lace BRA-serie.

Solene, I’m thrilled to be talking with you! Would you share with me your background?

I was born in Italy but spent a significant part of my youth in France, Dominican Republic and San Diego, CA. My parents are Italian and French so we traveled back-and-forth between the US and Europe frequently. This is probably why I have an innate inclination to learn about distinct destinations and cultures. After high school, I attended the University of California at Santa Cruz and pursued a bachelor's degree in Political Science. I hope to continue my education in the near future.

What was your next path or adventure after high school or college?

After college, I started a career in international business at the US Department of Commerce and later, the UK Government's Department for International Trade in DC and San Francisco. A few years and many flights later, I decided to switch gears and follow my passion for marketing. This transition allowed me to explore my creative side further all while continuing to embrace my love for strategy.

What brought you to Mexico City and how long have you been there?

When the Covid-19 pandemic hit the US and resulted in lockdowns, I had been living in Los Angeles for about a year. I felt isolated being so far away from my family so it made me think a lot about where I'd really see myself living. While I love Los Angeles, I realized that sharing my time in Mexico with my sister along with those closest to me would be the next step. My clients for my marketing consultancy didn't mind me working remotely so I took this as a special opportunity for professional and personal growth.

What do you love about living in Mexico City?

There are too many things I love about this city. The culture, food, art, strong sense of community, the people... I think what I love the most is that while I have been here for about a year now, I still immensely enjoy every bit of my day-to-day life. Experiences that aren't new feel as though they are. I have a whole new level of appreciation and find myself to be more present. This city makes everything feel more vibrant.

What inspired you to pursue your love for drawing?

I've loved painting and drawing ever since I was in high school. I attended several art classes but took a break during college as my schedule became fairly heavy. However, the pandemic made me do a lot of introspection. I realized that I lacked art in my home and in my life. So one night, I picked up a canvas and drew until the early morning. That's when I knew that art was something significant to me and that I needed to hold onto it. Instagram: @solenefurlanisstudio

Woman wearing decorative bra straps with grey lace flowers, standing.
Solene is currently living in Mexico City.

Most of your artwork features beautiful silhouettes of women. What drew you to this type of art?

I see myself in a lot of the silhouettes I draw -- it's a bit like journaling. Seeing a reflection of how I felt during a specific moment. To me, this style of art is raw, honest and gives me inspiration for the next piece. My hope is to make the audience look within themselves when they see my art.

I was honored when you reached out to find a way that we could collaborate. What made you think of BRA-sériē?

I'm honored you liked the idea of collaborating! My art is very intricate, minimalistic, feminine, elegant and at times, abstract. I felt your brand’s feminine and elegant branding and high quality of product is aligned with many important elements of my art -- and that’s why I wanted to work with you. It felt natural to bring our passions together through this collaboration and I hope it will lead to more!

My last question! As a young entrepreneur, artists and businesswomen, what advice would you share with women your age that you know now?

Discomfort is sometimes good. It pushes and tests your boundaries. Accept it as it may take you to places you've always wished for. Sometimes, it teaches you that you can make a far stronger impact in the world than you could have ever imagined.

Woman holding drawstring bag for decorative bra straps with white flower straps inside, close-up.
Solene's artwork featured on our travel bags.


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