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Woman laying down wearing black decorative bra straps with gold pyramid studs.

Boudoir Edition


Woman wearing black decorative bra straps with gold pyramid studs in beige sleeveless top, standing.

Tammi Relyea

"After seeing the boring, clear, “invisible” plastic bra straps being sold in retail stores, I realized the bra industry had a problem in need of a bold solution. That’s when I invented BRA-sériē!"

Woman wearing white corset with white flowers decorative bra straps.

Why BRA-sériē?

A Woman's Shoulders Are Sexy!


A woman’s shoulder is one of the sexiest features on her body, and in boudoir photography --- adding gorgeous designer bra straps to accentuate a woman’s shoulders elevates the entire look!  BRA-sériē not only adds an extra element of sexiness and flair to everyday outfits, but it’s also a striking accessory to incorporate in boudoir photography.

Woman wearing decorative bra straps with white flowers and fascinator on her head.

It's the little details that
make the difference!

Woman wearing grey lace decorative bra straps with flower and black bra, holding one strap.

"Every boudoir photographer should have at least one pair in their wardrobe kit! Regular bra straps are boring and that's why I love BRA-sériē! It's the little details that make a a difference and these gorgeous straps add a stunning and sexy look to my boudoir photography. My clients LOVE them too!"

Karen Ludwig Photography

Woman wearing black decorative bra straps with silver studs in red off the shoulder sweater, eating a cookie.

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