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Why I'm Loving This Off-The-Shoulder Top!

When I'm wearing my BRA-serie, I get plenty of compliments and often get asked, “Where did I get them?” The next question is usually, "Where did you get that top?" I'm not surprised how popular off-the-shoulder blouses and sweaters have become, because every woman -- regardless of age -- LOVES showing a little shoulder every now and then!

So, starting this year, I thought it would be fun to occasionally share with you my favorite off-the-shoulders tops and sweaters that beautifully complement our gorgeous BRA-serie bra straps!

For my first blog, I'm excited to share with you with this fantastic casual off-the-shoulder, Iong sleeved Gibson top I recently purchased at Nordstrom. I'm loving how my Pink Lace bra straps add a dainty touch and complement this deep violet/berry color perfectly! What do you think? Good quality for the price point ($54), which may make it tempting to get one in every different color -- they come in five colors plus a fun cheetah print!

Woman wearing pink lace decorative bra straps with pink of the shoulder top and necklace, showing one shoulder.

What I love about this top is that you can stay comfy and cozy during those cooler sunny days without sacrificing style! The length is good (I'm 5’11" and it covers my butt -- hallelujah!) so you can throw on a pair of leggings and you're ready to go. The fabric is made from a super soft, light weight, fleece blend. It feels so good against your skin! According to the Nordstrom website, it was designed in collaboration with the popular fashion and lifestyle blogger, Erin Schrader.

I highly recommend you purchase one (or maybe even two) very soon! Colors and inventory are going quick. If you decide to add this lovely off-the-shoulder to your wardrobe, don't forget to send me a picture with you flaunting your BRA-serie!

Be You! Be Beautiful!

Tammi Relyea, Founder



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