Feminine & flirty are the best words to describe our Pink Lace bra straps. This beautiful lace has a high-quality stretch that gives you that extra touch of cuteness to your shoulders.



Neutral Pink Lace Bra Strap

    • BRA-serie interchangeable bra straps are standard 3/8" width and adjustable (can be extended to 15.75"). Easy to add and remove from bra strap loops.
    • Bra straps are well-constructed and comfortable on skin (85% Nylon, 15 % Spandex)
    • Trim Materials:
      Pink Lace (90% Cotton, 5% Nylon, 5% Polyurethane)
    • Trim Widths: Vary between 1/4"-5/8"
    • Each set comes with a beautiful ivory BRA-serie pouch
    • Assembled in Northern California

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