Feeling Disconnected?

Are you feeling disconnected? I am too! Why? We need each other! As women we are at our best both physically and mentally when we feel a sense of community -- a sisterhood!

We are more isolated in our homes and day-to-day lives, but we can't give up! I know when I'm feeling down, it just feels great when I put my positive energies towards cheering and supporting other women!

Tammi Relyea - Founder, BRA-serie

That's why I am excited to bring back my "Women In Charge" blog series, dedicated to celebrating women and their achievements. We all have our own stories and come from different backgrounds therefore, I believe there is ALWAYS something we can learn about and be inspired by each other!

I would like to introduce you to an EXTRAORDINARY WOMAN Desiree Maya, Co-Founder of Blissful Fortitude, Keynote Speaker and Co-host of the Podcast Bliss Beyond Fear. Her passion is to support women through their own journey to have confidence, embrace self worth and find joy!

At the young age of nine, Desiree's childhood was changed forever. Her journey into womanhood left her having to pick up the pieces of her life one step at a time.