WOMEN IN CHARGE: MEET DESIREE MAYA, Co-Founder Blissful Fortitude, Certified Coach and Mentor

Desiree, Co-Founder of Blissful Fortitude, is wearing our Gold Studs 3.0!

What inspired you to become a personal coach and mentor? 

Eleven years ago at 26 years old, as part of my role as a consulting manager, I started coaching consultants on achieving their performance goals and providing mentorship to emerging leaders. I noticed that the most fulfilling parts of our conversations were much bigger than career goals. It was the tough topics of relationships, purpose, change, and transition that deeply intrigued me. I was inspired by their stories of resilience and overcoming difficulties and roadblocks. As a result, I decided to immerse myself in a coaching program in 2016 to become an International Coach Federation (ICF) Certified Coach. When my high school counselor told me I was destined to help people, I now know this was how. Today, it is a privilege that I get to coach and mentor amazing individuals to transform into the phenomenal humans they're destined to be by helping to unlock the magic within them and eliminate the old stories they've held on to.