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WOMEN IN CHARGE: MEET GINAMARIE CORNELIUS, Co-Founder of Blissful Fortitude & Keynote Speaker

Woman wearing decorative bra straps with pyramid studs, hand on hip and turned to side.
Ginamarie is flaunting the Silver Studs 3.0.
“I had been with my husband for 32 years when he unexpectedly passed away…leaving me with debt, facing homelessness, and 8 daughters..."

As a widowed mother of eight daughters, what continues to give you the strength and confidence?

Well first, I know I am valuable because someone died for me. Jesus died for me knowing how I fall short of being perfect every day. My faith is the essence of my confidence.

As far as strength goes? Going through the thing that I feared the most, that I thought would paralyze me, actually propelled me! I had been with my husband for 32 years when he unexpectedly passed away. Leaving me with debt, facing homelessness and the pressure to provide for eight daughters catapulted me into action. I had to believe that this overwhelming responsibility was not only manageable, but I was able to thrive and find joy. That gave me strength I didn’t know I had.

When did you realize you wanted to build a career in helping other women live their best lives?

When I had women reach out to me after Jeff passed, I realized I wanted to help other women as well. It was so powerful for me. I wanted to put purpose to my pain. Putting purpose to your pain gives you power.

"I want to put purpose to my pain."
Woman wearing decorative bra straps with pyramid studs, black off the shoulder top, leopard print and pink skirt, sitting.
Ginamarie, Co-Founder, Blissful Fortitude

I love your podcast Bliss Beyond F.E.A.R. (Faith, Elevate, Action, Results)! As the co-host of this successful podcast, what do you hope women will gain from listening to your platform?

Compassion, connection and community. I want women to understand their worth and also let go of self-limiting beliefs. I believe the greatest hindrance holding back women from achieving their dreams are two things. 1.) Lack of knowing their own self-worth 2.) Having self-limiting beliefs. We are all so wonderfully made! We have the potential to do great things and most of us have only scratched the surface. If you continue to believe that your past failures will be the excuse for not achieving your dreams, you are right. Desiree and I are committed to helping women re-program themselves.

You recently launched a three-part confidence series on your podcast Bliss Beyond F.EA.R. Are you working on other content in 2021?

We are releasing our Core Confidence course which is a DIY training for those who need the tools to instill confidence in themselves.

We are also launching our Success Circle where women come together to accelerate their journey to living an abundant life. We are growing our consulting services to provide 1:1 coaching. For more information, please visit my website at

My final question! After 30 years of enduring your own challenges and losses, what is the one thing you know for sure?

One thing I know for sure is that I am limitless! And the other is that I was born for greatness with a mission and a message! I know there is a plan for me to prosper -- even during challenging times.


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