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I REALLY Want To Make A Difference!

Woman wearing decorative bra straps, in red off the shoulder top, holding postcard that says "I support her WO3".

It’s no surprise that woman-owned businesses are on the rise!

A recent study shows that “between 2014 and 2019, the number of women-owned businesses climbed 21% to a total of nearly 13 million (12,943,400).” In addition, evidence shows that when woman-owned businesses achieve financial stability, they are more inclined to give back to help their local communities. That’s the good news…

The other side of that news is that, like all emerging businesses, women-owned businesses often face significant challenges as they try to grow and succeed. Generating awareness is one of those challenges – surrounded by larger, more established competitors, can take unreachable amounts of money to generate adequate marketing and media to compete and make an impact. As an independent, female-owned business, I often face similar challenges and know that I’m not alone.

Since I launched BRA-sériē three years ago, I’ve met so many inspiring women along this incredibly wonderous, challenging and rewarding journey – which is what inspired me to take my advocacy for all woman-owned businesses to another level.

I’m thrilled to announce BRA-serie's debut of WO3, or “women to the 3rdpower” -- our grass-roots movement to partner, promote and support women-owned businesses. To learn more about WO3, visit our newly launched site at

Poster of WO3 Support a woman owned business on March 28, 2020.

Our inaugural WO3 event is taking place on Saturday, March 28, 2020. I hope to inspire women (and men too!) to join me in supporting ANY woman-owned business of their choice. It’s really that easy! You choose who you want to support and how. You can support your local female-owned business or go global. I encourage you to get creative too! How about showing your support by giving your housekeeper, personal coaches, hair dresser an extra tip? Just do something!

The goal? Let’s make an impact together, by supporting each other. Imagine the difference we’ll make -- financially and emotionally -- by actively participating in, and supporting, female-owned businesses!

It’s true that when women support each other, wonderful things can happen! I hope you will consider signing up to participate and help spread the word!

With gratitude,

Tammi Relyea

Founder, WO3 & BRA-sériē


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