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"I'm a disruptor."

Woman wearing decorative bra straps with white scalloped lace and off tub top with blue and pink flower details.

I didn't understand at first -- ME? But now I understand why.

BRA-sériē is reinventing the bra strap from just a functional necessity to a fashion accessory. Seriously, when I saw those clear "invisible" straps flooding the market, I knew the industry was going backwards.

At BRA-sériē, we're breaking the "norms" and making bra straps freakin' beautiful and stylish. Our styles are TRULY fashionable --- some even call them "shoulder candy!"

I'm proud of what I've started and know this is where I'm supposed to be. I'm thrilled to see women feeling confident and hearing the complements they get when they're wearing BRA-sériē!

So if you've also been called "a disruptor," take it as a compliment. Just like me, we are change-makers and stepping out of our comfort zone to challenge "the norms."

Speaking of "challenging "the norms", we've just launched new colors for our Pompom Collection BRA-sériē. When the warmer weather comes, it's all about tank tops, summer dresses and blouses. And that's when our "regular" bra straps can be problematic.

BRA-sériē is your solution! Our summer pompom colors is a stylish way to bring some fun into your wardrobe without showing unfashionable bra straps. Click here to see our stunning Pompom Collection!


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