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Here's What I'm Bringing With Me In 2023

Woman wearing decorative bra straps in black off the shoulder top.

I LOVE this photo! It was taken in December 2022 at the Modern Day Wife "So Let's Shop" event in Los Angeles. I'm intrigued by the pure unfiltered JOY radiating on my face. I felt as if every cell in my body was celebrating!

I was so proud of taking another step out of my comfort zone - it was my FIRST FASHION SHOW IN BEVERLY HILLS! I'm still reveling from all the compliments about BRA-sériē and meeting some amazing women who are excited to work with us in 2023.

I've decided to leave some habits in 2022 that were hindering my growth. On the other hand, this feeling of JOY you see right here is most definitely coming with me in 2023.! I'm ready to make the most of my good days, lighten up about life and not take things so seriously. And last of all, make time to celebrate my wins (both big and small) while on this rollercoaster ride called life.

So, here I come 2023! Walking into new year with more JOY for a happier and healthier ME!

P.S. We have some fabulous footage from the fashion show. Check out IG reels!


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