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Going Solo


Going solo to events are often difficult for me and you might feel the same way too. Beyond the pretty smiles and the fact we coincidentally wore green on the same day, there's something more meaningful in this photo that I want to personally share with you.

About two years ago, I RSVP’d to my first fashion blogger event. I had plan to go with a friend but she cancelled at the last minute. Dressed up and make-up done, I started to panic a little - that critical and negative inner voice was filling up my head with so many reasons no to go. While I was driving, I turned around twice to head back home. No kidding!

Two women wearing decorative bra straps in black and floral, one in green top and one in blue dress, sitting.

I mustered up the courage and made it to the event! It was there I met one of most beautiful and kindest women, fashion blogger Shalini Srivastava. Since then, we have grown together and collaborated on many photoshoots, including one of my personal favorites “Saree Not Sorry.” It was during that special collaboration with Shalini, I saw how BRA-sériē could be beautifully styled with fashion from different cultures.

What have I learned? Yes, there is certainly a comfort level having your “bestie” accompany you. However, more often than not, it’s easy to spend the entire event talking to her/him and miss a an opportunity to meet someone new. In my case, I’m almost certain that Shalini and I would have never connected in that moment if I was in my comfort zone chatting it up with someone who I was already familiar with.

I know it’s hard and it can be fearful. However, the best advice I can share is that if you really want to grow your social circle and/or expand your business network, I encourage you to try “going solo” and see what wonderful opportunities appear!

Be You! Be Beautiful!


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