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This Birthday Has New Meaning!

Woman wearing lace decorative bra straps with white off the shoulder top, holding a cupcake with one birthday candle.

It’s my birthday month and a very significant time for me. It’s the same year when my mother passed away – age 51.

The feelings are surreal and it’s hard not to wonder about the many dreams my mother had hoped to unfold or see her only daughter achieve. I could find a million reasons to feel a bit down however, I decided to reflect on all my wonderful blessings & celebrate how far I've come.

I know my mom would be proud of the woman I’ve become and it’s time that I should be too! I'm proud of almost seventeen years of marriage and raising a son, now a teenager. My journey as a wife and mother continues to teach me the depths of love, patience and forgiveness. I'm also very proud of when I launched BRA-sériē. It is an unexpected gift! I've been pushed way out of my comfort zone and it has given me a wonderful platform to engage with women from all different backgrounds.

I'm in unchartered territory now and it's a little scary. However, I'm going to make the most of everyday and years she didn't get. Mom, I know you’re “looking down” on me somewhere - on my birthday I’m especially proud to be your daughter.

Tammi Relyea

CEO/Founder, BRA-sériē

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