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2018 Here We Come!

Woman wearing gold studded decorated bra straps with sleeveless black dress and black and gold belt.

This past year I jumped out of my comfort zone -- and yes, some days are REALLY uncomfortable, but I LOVE what I do.

What an exciting and adventurous first year it has been for BRA-serie! It’s hard to believe that after nearly two years in the making, it was one year ago this month that BRA-serie officially launched.

We started with 9 beautiful BRA-serie styles, and throughout our first year we released several more gorgeous bra straps: Blue Collection, Beaded Collection and Gold and Silver Beaded Studded Collection. If you haven’t seen them, I invite you to visit our site -- they are TRULY GORGEOUS!

My team and I remain committed to manufacturing high-quality bra straps, using the absolute best materials available to us. Each BRA-serie style is thoughtfully curated and designed, which allows us to offer a variety of unique and stylish bra strap options to compliment all of your favorite outifts.

For Spring 2018, we look forward to announcing more stunning styles to get you ready for the warmer weather! And throughout the year our blog will continue to feature the popular “Women In Charge” series as part of our mission to recognize and support the amazing achievements of other women.

Most importantly, I want to thank you for spreading the word about BRA-serie! From west coast to east coast, and as far north as Alaska, we are reaching women all over the United States who enjoy stepping up their bra game.

I LOVE watching our “We Love Your Selfies” video and seeing pictures of you wearing your BRA-serie! Keep tagging us on Instagram and Facebook, or send us your picture directly at so we can include you -- we truly love all of your photos!

Finally, I’m excited to see how our journey evolves as we continue to grow in 2018. Thanks to all of you for your belief in our mission, your feedback throughout the year and your ongoing support. We wish you a happy and healthy 2018, and hope to see you confidently pursuing your dreams while showing off those beautiful BRA-serie shoulders!

Be You! Be Beautiful!

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