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Taking Care of YOU!

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Recently, I came across a post from a friend, Shay Gipson, which deeply resonated with me. I've always admired Shay’s bold, rebellious spirit and her uncompromising passion for life. But this story also made me admire her courage and persistence in dealing with a frightening medical situation. Her story serves as a timely reminder to all of us about making our own health a priority.

Contrary to popular belief, men aren’t the only ones who shy away from addressing their own health concerns -- women can be just as nimble as men at avoiding health issues. And while women generally excel at taking care of others, we often don’t put the same energy and focus into taking care of ourselves.

After reading Shay’s account of her own profound experience, I felt compelled to share it with you. I know there are many other women struggling through similar challenges.

I also know how valuable it is for us to share our experiences, and how sharing can often trigger positive encouragement and motivation.

Shay’s challenges haven’t slowed her incredible spirit, energy and creativity – she recently wrote and published a beautiful children’s book entitled Balloons to Heaven ( The book was inspired by her own experience with her two sons who lost their father at a young age. Typical of her positive outlook and relentless drive to help others, Shay hopes that Balloons to Heaven will comfort other children who have lost a family member.

I’m grateful to Shay for allowing me to feature this very personal post. I hope you’ll take a few minutes to read her story – perhaps it will inspire you to take control of your own health issues, and listen to that intuitive inner voice that always seems to know what’s best for us.

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