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Easily transform a strapless bra with BRA-sériē's unique interchangeable bra straps. Simply hook your straps in the elastic loops inside your strapless bra in just 3 easy steps!

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How Does It Work?

How Does It Work?

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Whether you’re in the mood to look daring or dainty, here’s how to attach BRA-sériē's decorative bra straps to a strapless bra:

Step 1: Get your strapless bra.

Make sure it has fabric loops in the front and in the back.


Step 2: Get your BRA-sériē decorative bra straps.

You will notice there are right hooks and left hooks.

The right hooks face right

The left hooks face left.


Step 3: Here’s the fun part—Hook in your BRA-sériē decorative bra straps!

Take the straps with the right hooks and attach it to the right hand side.

Take the left hook and attach it to the left hand side.


Do a final check to make sure your bra straps are securely in place. You always want to hook them in from the inside going out.


Adjust your BRA-sériē bra straps for comfort using the adjustable slides on the back of the strap.


Now that you know how easy and convenient it is to use our interchangeable bra straps, go ahead and pick your favorite BRA-sériē bra straps, to create that perfect look to take your outfit to the next level.


From edgy studs, fresh florals, eye-catching pompoms, to delicate lace, which will you choose to express yourself today?

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