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Black Scalloped Lace Interchangeable Bra Straps

Black Scalloped Lace


Our BRA-serie interchangeable bra straps features a patterned flower design that adds a touch of darling and pretty to your shoulders! Our exquisite black lace has a delicate yet airy look, which makes these straps easy to incorporate with your favorite outfits. The delicate design beautifully compliments spaghetti strap summer dresses as well as your favorite casual tops. It's a perfect addition when you want to add a subtle touch of cuteness to your shoulders!




    • BRA-serie interchangeable bra straps are standard 3/8" width and adjustable (can be extended to 15.75"). Easy to add and remove from bra strap loops.
    • Bra straps are well-constructed and comfortable on skin (85% Nylon, 15 % Spandex)
    • Trim Materials:
      Black Scalloped Lace (85% Rayon, 15% Cotton)
    • Trim Widths: Vary between 1/4"-5/8"
    • Each set comes with a beautiful ivory BRA-serie pouch
    • Assembled in Northern California

    Shipping & Handling - $3.50 Flat Fee up to $45.00

    Shipping & Handling - $6.50 Flat Fee up tp $70.00

    We are proud to offer FREE shipping on orders over $70.00.


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