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Presentamos los tirantes de sujetador de diseñador BRA-sériē

La moda no se trata solo de estilo. Se trata de creatividad, confianza y expresión personal. Es por eso que hemos reinventado el tirante del sostén, lanzando colecciones de tiras intercambiables con un estilo único, desde delicadas hasta atrevidas.  

Discover for yourself "What is sexy?"

What’s in your wardrobe that makes you feel sexy? Is it your favorite dress or a special pair of heels?


And what about your bra straps? Yes, bra straps can be sexy too!


Stop hiding your boring conventional bra straps. Strap on a pair of our decorative bra straps, and start showing off the sexiest side of you—your confidence!


With such a wide range of styles featuring delicate lace, fun florals, playful pompoms, to edgy studs—you’ll have plenty of choices to make a statement with any outfit, day or night.


What are you in the mood for today?


Browse our exclusive designs to find that perfect pop of color to accent your favorite off the shoulder top. Or add just the right amount of gold or silver bling to take your little black dress to the next level.


If you’re into the vintage look, choose from our gingham collection. And if you feel beautiful and empowered through the art of boudoir photography—our lace and neutral flower designs are both elegant choices for your next photoshoot!


Our decorative bra straps are simple and convenient to use with any strapless bra with loops. Hook them within seconds, then switch up your look with ease.


Shop our collections to discover all the fun and exciting ways for you to express who you are.

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