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Tammi Relyea

CEO, Founder

My Story

A passionate, energetic and visionary mom-preneur, Tammi Relyea is on a mission: it’s time to reinvent the bra strap!


After hearing many women ask, “What do I do with these boring bra straps?” Tammi saw the need to evolve the bra strap from a functional necessity into a stylish fashion accessory.


In 2017, she launched her first lines -- the Black Box, Grey Box and Neutral Box Collections -- introducing women across the United States to her innovative brand called BRA-serie featuring stylish interchangeable bra straps from dainty to daring.


Each high-quality decorative bra strap is exclusive to the BRA-serie brand, as Tammi takes pride in designing products that are not only visually appealing, but easy to use. With BRA-serie, women can freely play with different looks and add color, shine or texture to their existing wardrobes in a convenient and accessible way.


With BRA-serie, women don’t have to hide their bra straps any longer. Details such as studs, flowers, pompoms and lace give women more options to have fun with fashion—putting together looks that make them feel sassy, classy, or even a little bad-assy!


Prior to launching BRA-serie, Tammi spent over a decade in the non-profit sector raising funds for abused and neglected children. Her professional career also includes working in entertainment advertising and graphic design studios. 


Through BRA-serie -- a business operated by women, for women -- Tammi’s mission is to create a global company that inspires personal expression and promotes a positive self image for women of all ages.

Tammi is also the founder of WO3, 

a grass-roots movement dedicated to supporting women-owned businesses in three ways: Partner, Promote, and Support.

Woman wearing black decorative bra straps with studs and red off the shoulder top, standing.
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