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I Love BRA-série!

Woman wearing decorative bra straps with red flowers in a blue and white stripled off the shoulder top.

It may not look like it in this photo, but I’m a 34DDD or 34F*. I love fashion that shows off women’s shoulders. I nearly gave up trying to wear all those beautiful off the shoulder tops and dresses because just like other bustier women, finding the right bra was a challenge!

I had two choices: 1) wear a strapless bra - but even with the pricier brands I would still find myself adjusting them so they wouldn't fall down, 2) put on a regular bra showing my unattractive and unfashionable bra straps.

About two years ago, I was introduced to the amazing brand BRA-série. These gorgeous straps are a game changer! They are exquisitely tailored and delicately beautiful!

Now I can purchase off the shoulder tops and dresses and wear them with style and confidence. I love the quality, the styles and the endless compliments I get when I wear my exclusive BRA-série straps! No one can believe these are actual bra straps because they accessorize so perfectly with my outfits.

Woman wearing gold studded decorative bra straps with black straps in black off the shoulder top.

I love how I feel when I’m wearing my BRA-série. I exude more confidence and edginess when I have these straps on -- my favorite is their signature studded collection! BRA-série is incredibly versatile. I have transitioned them from work, to date nights and weekend attire. I even wear them to my son’s basketball games with my sweats because they are just that comfortable!

If you haven’t tried BRA-série, you have no idea what you are missing!

Woman wearing flowers decorative bra straps in blue and white striped off the shoulder dress.


Bonnie is an attorney living in Los Angeles and a mother of two teenage boys. She loves fashion and firmly believes that women of all ages should celebrate their inner and outer beauty and of course, keep flaunting their shoulders!

*Bonnie is wearing the Wacoal strapless bra with her BRA-serie.

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