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There's a "Wonder Woman" Inside All of Us!

Woman wearing silver coil decorative bra straps with silver cone studs in a black tank top with BRA-serie logo.

I’m thrilled to once again present our “Women In Charge” feature, which profiles accomplished and inspiring women in the San Francisco Bay area and beyond.

As a woman-owned and managed company, promoting and celebrating the achievements of other women is an important part of our mission. For me personally, it’s invigorating to engage with accomplished women from different backgrounds and professions – I’m always inspired by their strength, their determination and their personal journeys.

Recently, I read an article about how women are often afraid to talk about accomplishments for fear of being criticized by other women. Let’s face it – we need each other! With so many challenging perceptions and stereotypes to battle through, it’s vital that we come together to help, support and celebrate each other, and to help unleash the Wonder Woman inside all of us!

For our second installment of “Women In Charge,” I’m proud to feature Peggy Nicholson. Originally from France, Peggy leapt out of her comfort zone by moving to the United States to learn a new language, embrace a new culture and achieve her personal and professional dreams. Peggy is a wonderful example of the many brave and glorious women who, through hard work and determination, have been able to achieve what is truly the “American Dream.”

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