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Woman wearing white flower decorative bra straps with white off the shoulder top, holding sunglasses.



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Are you ready to step up your bra game? BRA-sériē is an emerging woman-owned brand on a mission to reinvent the bra strap! Let's face it -- bra straps are here to stay. After decades of trying to hide or make our straps look invisible, BRA-sériē is the solution! Our stylish and fashionable "shoulder candy" will transform the way you wear your straps with your favorite outfits. 


If you're an enthusiastic and energetic fashion/beauty content creator, vlogger, blogger or someone who LOVES fashion, our three (3) month affiliate program could be a good fit for YOU! This is a great opportunity to learn more about BRA-sériē while earning revenue  - now that's a "win-win!"

If approved, you will receive three (3) BRA-sériē styles of your choice for your own personal use, a discount code and/or link to share with your community to earn affiliate revenue (15% commission) on purchases made using your custom code or link. Keeping track of your sales will be easy to access through your personal dashboard. Our BRA-sériē Video and Style Guide will be provided with further details.

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  • Why is the Affiliate Program only 3 months?
    As you probably know, a successful collaboration requires excellent communication and chemistry between both parties. We established our Tier 1 "introductory" three month program so both parties can evaluate if the collaboration is a good fit. Before the agreement expires, our Affiliate Manager will reach out to schedule a virtual meeting to discuss the possible extension of the contract to our Tier 2 - a six month contract. If the collaboration continues to go well for both parties, we will move forward to our Tier 3, which is a one-year contract. Our tier-based Affiliate Program is structured to ensure a good foundation of communication and accountability between both parties.
  • How do I apply?
    Complete the form above and we will be in contact with you within 24-48 hours.
  • Can I become an Affiliate Partner if I reside outside the United States?
    Unfortunately, we cannot accept applications for our Affiliate Program outside of the United States.
  • Is there a fee to join?
    No, there are no fees associated with the BRA-sériē Affiliate Program. The items you select will be 100% complimentary (including shipping costs.)
  • Can I become an Affiliate Partner If I live within the United States?
    Due to the nexus restrictions in each state, we may not be able to partner with you. Please contact us at for more information.
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